Take the Overwhelm Out of Your Production Accounting

We help producers make informed financial decisions.

Two production accountants working together on a film budget.


Clean & Transparent

Timely, Insightful

It’s Time to Make Your Accounting Work for You

Most successful producers have a thousand things on their plate. You probably do too. Unfortunately, handling your accounting clearly feels out of your element. It’s not that you can’t try. But with so many to dos, you’re confident there has to be a better way. The reality is, saying yes to doing your own accounting often brings with it:

A production accountant helping a film producing with their budget.

Here’s What We Can Take Off Your Plate

We offer three service tiers.

  • CFO
    From building an overhead budget to forecasting cash flow, our CFO service covers all of your financial needs.
  • Controller
    With our controller service, you will no longer dread making financial decisions, as we’ll oversee all of your company’s financial functions.
  • Accountant
    Get peace of mind knowing your production and corporate accounting processes and software are working together and being maximized to help you grow.

Forget Fumbling Through Your Finances

  • 1
    Schedule a Call
    Let’s discuss your accounting woes and how we can help ease your financial burdens.
  • 2
    Simplify Your Finances
    We’ll connect your corporate and production accounting.
  • 3
    Make Informed Decisions
    Have the trusted partner and the information at your fingertips needed to make timely, profitable decisions.

Finally Line Up Your Ledger

Our proven process leverages our decades of finance experience into our exclusive Line It Up System that gets your corporate and production accounting working together.

Get Back to What You Love

We’ll handle the numbers. You handle the production.

Your Business

Understand your show costs. Make smart decisions regarding your growth.

Pull Real-Time Cost Reports

Know exactly where you stand. Gain valuable insights.

Feel Confident in Your Decisions

Stop second-guessing every expense. Do more of what you love.

Never Worry About Your Numbers Again

A film production team on set.

Here at Prod Co Accountants, we move your finance and accounting efforts from stressful to streamlined. With over 25 years of accounting experience, specifically in the reality and documentary space, our Line It Up System helps you get accurate show costs quickly as well as full visibility to the financial health of your company.

  • Have a P&L by project at your fingertips
  • Build a budget designed for long-term success
  • Avoid gaps in your budget and data entry bottlenecks
  • Have accurate numbers in one easy-to-understand spot
  • Put time back into your busy schedule (and spend it on things you enjoy!)
    And more…
Three pitfalls to avoid when tracking film production expenses.

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Tracking Show Expenses

A free guide designed to help executive and line producers make informed decisions and ensure costs are always up to date.