Here are a few of our favorite high fives:

"We would work with Prod Co Accountants again in a heartbeat. They handled everything swimmingly during a challenging period of transition at the studio and didn’t miss a beat. What I appreciate most is the human touch – responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and capable. Very good experience."
"Great job on our production of LIZA. Your team made everything smooth. Can't wait to start up our next project!"
"You guys are lifesavers, in so many ways, and an invaluable partner for all our projects/productions."
"It’s been a real pleasure working with Prod Co Accountants. Everyone has been super-attentive. And your systems too….just terrific. You and your team are amazing, hope to work together again soon!”
Abby Strauss
Freelance Production Executive / Line Producer / EIC
"Margot and her company is the best I have ever worked with. I highly recommend her services. Never misses a beat."
"I just want to thank you and the team. You guys have made our lives 1000% easier."
"I only worked with Margot for about a year, as I am a relatively recent addition to GRB. In that time I learned why she was so valued in the company. Her loyalty, work ethic, and attitude were unwavering, and her experience invaluable. I would happily recommend her for any accounting or finance position that she would be applying for."
"We appreciate very much how you’ve fixed our accounting. Our decision making is now much faster, based on up-to-date accounts and a smooth and streamlined process. Accounting has become easier. Thank you!"
"In the time I have been with Chain Camera Prod Co Accountants has been phenomenal in streamlining our growing financial operations. We now have things running smoothly with predictable and logical systems in place, and the reporting we need when we need it. It gives great peace of mind to know that their team has the accounting handled, so we can continue to do what we’re good at – producing compelling documentaries."
Jo Haskin
Executive in Charge of Production, Chain Camera Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
"Margot is my go to on all things accounting and I trust her completely to accomplish and manage any task given to her. She wears too many hats to count and isn't afraid to venture outside her comfort zone to help with anything she is asked of. She is fast, efficient, and just gets things done. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Patrick Beedle
Owner and President, Midnorth Collective LLC
"Margot Ransom has been my colleague at GRB for the past 6 years. She was one of the founding members of this company and it has been said more than once that GRB could not have gotten as far as it has without her. She has always been extremely conscientious and dedicated in her work, to the point where I have actually had to joke with her at the day's end to "go home!" In addition to her professionalism, she is pleasant and was very well liked at this company. I believe her integrity, organizational skills, and accounting experience would be an asset at any organization that she chooses to work for."
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the amazing work you have done for our company over the last 5 years. There is no possible way we could have accomplished all we did without your incredibly accurate, caring and wise stewardship of our financials. I really do hope to be working with you again soon. Good luck and thank you for everything!"
Your very appreciate client,
"Margot and I first worked together at GRB entertainment where she was the controller. Not only was she extremely good at her job, she was a joy and a pleasure to work with. Subsequently, we were very fortunate to hire Margot as the Controller at Film Garden, a position she held for more than 12 years. Margot is the consummate accounting professional. She is reliable, trustworthy and always willing to pitch in and go the extra mile to help out. She is great team player. I recommend her without reservations."
Nancy Jacobs Miller
President, Film Garden Entertainment
"As the controller at Film Garden for over 12 years, Margot single-handedly handled the accounting for a busy television production company, with responsibilities including production and corporate accounting and reporting, cash management, payroll and benefits accounting, tax management (as liaison with CPA firm) and much more. Margot is extremely efficient, highly skilled, knowledgeable and rock solid - scrupulously honest, reliable and completely trustworthy - she's a rare find."
"Before we started working with Prod Co Accountants, our staff accountant was using one of the big payroll company’s software. The accounting was so unclear to us but we didn’t know what the problem was, we just knew we felt uneasy. Enter Prod Co Accountants. Today our numbers are real-time, easy to understand and we have confidence in them. We are able to make nimble business decisions and pivot when needed. Plus we are no longer married to any particular payroll company to use their software. We might have other reasons to lose sleep, but our accounting isn’t one of them anymore.”
"Margot worked for us at Magnetic Productions. I was founder and owner. At our peak we had 150 people on staff with 12 series in production. Margot was our Controller and really helped our business grow. She is smart, extremely detail-oriented, knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting, totally trustworthy, and a real pleasure to work with. I would say if you're fortunate enough to have her helping you that that you can pretty much take accounting and bookkeeping off your list of things to worry about."
John Kitchener
President and Founder, Magnetic Productions LLC
"Thank you Margot…….! I honestly don’t know what we would do without you and the team, there are a lot of accounting options out there but what makes your company stand out from all the others is your heart! You really care about the success of our productions and want to make it as easy as possible for us to handle all the inner workings of the company. It means the world when you’re trying to tackle a large project, or any size for that matter, and you have a kind word on the other end of the phone or an email response. I honestly feel as our team grew in number and strength when we were blessed enough to work together. Thank you for your kindness, friendship and expertise during these times, looking forward to continuing the Lighthouse project and many more to come together!"
"Before we signed on with Prod Co Accountants, we were tracking show costs in a spreadsheet. Which worked, to a degree, but it was time consuming. We had to enter transactions in 2 (or more) places, and of course with the manual entry there was too much room for error. It took a long time to produce an accurate cost report. I knew we needed better systems in addition to the right help. And that’s exactly what we got with Prod Co Accountants and their Line It Up Accounting System. They were instrumental in organizing our accounting and creating an easy to use, 100% cloud-based, sustainable plan to move forward. Recommended without hesitation..”
"This letter is to highly recommend Margot Ransom. Margot started working for me on a part time basis in 1989 when we were an infant company with just myself, my assistant and one other person. First she got us up and running on a computerized accounting system, and from there was a key player in the growth of the company, moving on to production accounting, corporate accounting, financing procurement, forecasting, etc. For three years in a row she spearheaded the writing of our company business plan, which in 1997 resulted in a $5 million dollar investment from the top investment banking firm on Wall Street. When Margot left, the accounting department, which she had built and been managing, had grown to six people, and the entire company to over 200 employees. Today GRB is Discovery Channel's largest supplier of programming, and GRB programming is seen in over 70 countries worldwide. When Margot made the decision to pursue her own business ambitions, there was genuine sadness at the company. She became like family to us over the years and is greatly missed today. She would be an asset to any organization that brought her on, and we at GRB wish her nothing but the best."